Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday Baking

So I decided instead of running, I would bake muffins...again. Only this time, I would not consider this batch to be even remotely healthy. Honestly, they really weren't muffins, more like cupcakes without icing.

**The picture above is most definitely NOT something I made, but more so a technique I thought was super cool and relevant to this past weekend's festivities. Maybe I'll try that sometime.** Image found here

I had a box of devils food chocolate cake mix floating around so I whipped that together with ease (eggs, vegetable oil- directions and ingredients on the box) I had considered subbing the vegetable oil with apple sauce? or something? but opted out since I was going for taste and not so much the health factor. Of course, accessorizing became the key factor; I chopped up some sliced almonds, chunks of chocolate that would surely melt into mushy chocolate morsels throughout the cupcake and bananas. In retrospect, the banana pieces were not necessary but they tasted fine.

I drizzled some homemade caramel on top for added crispiness and voila! Le Dessert! I still have some mix in the fridge I will need to whip into something...

With the baking subbing for my run, the following solidifies my workout for the afternoon:

3x egg cracking
immediately followed by 2min intervals of rigorous blending
2-3x lean and lift: removing muffin tin from oven
max out- hand to mouth, ingesting of cupcakes

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