Saturday, January 31, 2009


St Paul and Franklin

Evokes interesting emotions towards the homeless. As opposed to a person holding a sign asking for help, the cardboard itself is making the statement. Wonder who did this?

Watching Juno for the thousandth time on Starz. I don't think I could like Jennifer Garner anymore than in this movie; she is so compassionate and sweet. 

"Puffy version of June Bug." Love that line :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Rainbows are for everyone!

Seriously? Why did I NOT know about rainbow cakes sooner? I am SO making this when I get home!!!!! Well not immediately, but soon enough. Directions here :)

And it continues!

Just Announced: Baltimore Restaurant Week has been extended! According to the official site as of today, approximately half of the listed restaurants will continue their three course price fixed menu through next weekend, February 8th! So excited!!!

I hope to be able to check off the following restaurants; b-Bolton Hill Bistro in Bolton Hill (duh), The Wine Market in Fed Hill, and perhaps Tio Pepe's in Mt Vernon with the extra week :)

Superbowl @ The Senator?!

The Historic Senator Theatre will be screening The 43rd SuperBowl this Sunday. Would be a cool venue but I would have to be guaranteed all necessary munchies would be on hand. Comfortable seating is also important, and I wouldn't say their seating is comfortable...

Free Admissions with food donation to "CARES" non profit.

I am partial to being as lazy as possible for big football games, so I will not be in attendance because this would force me to actually leave my apartment but it should/could be fun :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Treacherous Ice

2 hour delay this morning due to freezing roads....yes extra sleep!

Running has become a mere memory this week due to inclement weather and lack of enthusiasm. Now all my mileage happen in my head, not in real life. Check out the frozen harbor, PS. I almost fell in taking this picture.

I plan on doing an imaginary workout after team practice this afternoon. Maybe enough of the ice will have melted by then and I can run outside.

Breakfast thus far (10:30AM)- ridiculous amounts of office coffee and a banana.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My cat, Paddington did some research on my laptop this afternoon.

I couldn't pull him away!

Restaurant Week: Abacrombie

Second Baltimore Restaurant Week experience this week. Had a lovely dinner at Abacrombie in Mt Vernon with a couple friends. After having lived in Mt Vernon for nearly three years now, I had hoped I would have dined here sooner but better late than never; definitely a hit. Everything was really great; rich flavors, unique interpretations, but most definitely a subtle and unassuming ambience which was appreciated. The subdued waitstaff allowed for a more laid back experience but expedient service nonetheless. Love the cheese plate peep hole pictured above. I couldn't help but scope the chefs as they perfected their crafts.

First course Carrot Soup was elegant with a hint of heat via cayenne. It was creamy, creamy, creamy...I ate it too fast to take a picture. oops! Other options seemed appealing; beet salad, artisan mac n cheese and quirky onion rings sorta.

On to the below. Please make note, I am as much a visual eater as I am an actual eater so images are essential. Keep in mind, these are not shot by a food stylist.

I chose the Pork confit with Apple Butter and celeriac puree. Really moist pork, warmed apple butter flavor complimented well. The celeriac puree totally threw me off because I had forgotten what this dish was going to be served on. Appearance and consistency told me mashed potatoes, but taste told me was different, but good!

Grilled Shrimp on Risotto with Surryano Ham

Lamb Steak with Roasted Tomatoes and Eggplant Caviar- I thought this dish was inventive and definitely was my second choice.
Braised Short Ribs with Creamed Spinach, Mashed Red Potatoes, Braised Carrots

Butternut Squash Gratin- Parmesan, toasted hazelnuts, brown butter

Everything was very seasonal, obviously seeing as that is sorta their "schtick". Abacrombie is one of the few slow food movement restaurants I am aware of in the Baltimore area.

Desserts were good-ish but I am getting tired of typing. I feel like less emphasis is put on this course with regards to Restaurant week patrons. Across the board, this has been the course that has fallen short more often. I will admit the flourless chocolate cake looked decadent.

Top Chef time and then Bed :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burkha Runner

For those more contemporary Islamic women, Sounds.Butter has devised a conceptual line of Burkha's focusing on adapting this traditional garb while still respecting religious codes.

I honestly can't imagine how one would exercise in something like this?

Found @ "What's wrong with the Zoo?"

A taste of work

Here are some tidbits from my office, where I spend 8 hours of my life M-F, 40 hours of my week, 160 hours of my month, and 1,920 hours of my year.

wall o' stuff that I like- my friends, my animals, my seastars, etc.

some toys for amusement in between checking emails :)

Le Neige

It's snowing in Baltimore.

Commute was fine, please for the love of God make school be canceled tomorrow! Had to stop for breakfast AND pick up something for lunch cause I didn't have time to pack either for work today :( Holiday Starbucks card came in handy...

Starbucks on Charles and Preston? Under 1209 N Charles Condos.
Strawberry & Blueberry Fruit parfait
Medium Americano with room

Lunch will be the two clementines left in my purse and a strange goat cheese, veggie baguette sandwich also from Starbies.

Just keep snowing!

view from the entrance to my building. Snow just stopped OH NO!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bourdain Baltimore Bound!

(photo from Tony's blog)

So Anthony has already come and gone in Baltimore, but he wrote about it in one of his recent blog posts entitled "Rust Never Sleeps". I don't quite know how to feel about this title and what he's trying to say about Baltimore with it. Is it a jab at our skeeziness or an endearing nod to the working class of Charm City? eh. I think he is pretentious. I prefer Andrew Zimmern; but I can't think of anything worth eating for his show in Baltimore.

So supposedly Tony went to Mo's in Fell's I think? Right off of President? I'm pretty sure that's what is over there. I have never been there but read that it's sort of an old school establishment specializing in seafood, he dines with none other than "Snoop" from the Wire. While I like the association of the Wire with Baltimore, I think there is much more to our intimate town...there seems to be limited focus when it comes to outsiders; either crabcakes or something associated with poverty and drugs. Sad face :(

I will be watching the show though, always interested in Baltimore "in the media".

PS- Bourdian will be in DC next Monday...ugh.

Unusual Pairings

Just thinking about things that may not naturally go together but do really well when paired.

On the Avenue in Hampden, Ma Petite Shoe specializes in shoes...but not JUST shoes, half of the store is also devoted to chocolate. I presume the owner is a fan of both eccentric, unique shoes, and also obscure and artisan forms of chocolate. I love that she, (I am assuming the owner is a woman) decided- hey! I like these two things, so I'm going to open a store that focuses on both! PS- They sell vegan shoes! bah.

Another interesting spot, Chocolatea Cafe right off of University in Charles Village seems to have a similar passion for chocolate. Their selection ranges from specialized teas to truffles. They also have an asian infused tapas selection? This seems a bit out of left field; perhaps too many elements? You decide. My friend Jen will be stopping by this weekend, I will get her take on it.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rain won't quit

So back from California for a week or so...back to pitifully depressing weather.

Day 2 of yucky non-stop moisture. Dreariness causing me to consistently talk myself out of running and/or any healthy or fitness focused endeavor. Instead, I choose to eat. 2009 is off to a rocky start already. Winter Break for the team has allowed me to take some time for myself after work everyday which is nice. Getting home while it's still light out is a major plus. I end up napping anyway, so it's not like I am really utilizing these free bee hours with anything productive.

Nothing really monumental on my mind today. Would like to mention, rumor has it, per a blog commenter on Elizabeth Large's Bmore Sun blog, that Anthony Bourdain is in Baltimore currently shooting for a new episode of No Reservations. A bunch of commenters responded with- "Where would you take Anthony in Baltimore to tipify the culinary traditions of Charm City?" I honestly could not think of any essential suggestions. There are a bunch of food hang outs that are imperative to MY Baltimore life but do not necessarily define Baltimore by any means; instead I think they moreso define Baltimore as it relates to me. It's hard to define a restaurant and its cuisine for others. Plus, it seems like for his show he would need culinary options that were really poignant and in your face. And nothing that I do or eat is really strictly unique to Baltimore.

Anyway. I really really really need to force myself to run today. Group run at Canton I think? Will check it out, probably will conveniently fall asleep when I get home and miss it :)

PS- this post is not even worth posting but I am posting for lack of better things to do at work.