Friday, May 29, 2009

Dying to Run

I want to run. My foot still hurts, therefore I can't. This is all I think about...

I have self-diagnosed myself with an ankle impingement.

When I get healthy again (which feels like it is going to be an eternity from now)- I have considered running the following local races...

Rockville Twighlight- 8K (6/18)

Survivor Harbor 7 miler (6/14)

Baltimore Women's Classic- 5K (6/28)

Honestly, I probably won't be able to race at all this month, so who am I kidding... I will need to project some August or September racing goals just to be more realistic. Any suggestions? 5K/10K and half marathon distance...maybe

Get better foot, or else this will be me...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

True Love

Free Snacks!

The local critters on campus LOVE when the students leave behind their PBJ sandwiches. His breakfast was better than mine.

Where Have I Been?

Oh how I've missed you blogger. My lack of posting can be attributed to my actual real-life activities that have taken me away from my trusty computer.

Memorial Day weekend was spent in the Outer Banks for a wedding with my Iggie's Running Club friends! Beach was beautiful, wedding was fabulous, bride was breathtaking, food was to die for and I had the honor of being beaten in chess by a 5 year old. Awesome.

Highlights include...

ridiculous quantities of snacks for the drive- thank you Meg!!
morning bathroom routines
naps on the beach
frisbee time
bird watching- who knew? "cup of tea"
fried oysters with wasabi mashed potatoes
bruschetta bars with tapenade, caponata, and traditional bruschetta
chocolate fountains
brie with rasberries, served by Brie
sunburn butts
planet unicorn
...and great friends!

The wedding was catered by Coastal Provisions Market, a suuuuper cute market/grocery right off of Route 12. We made a pit stop there on our way home and picked up some deli sammiches, including the "Ultimate Brie LT" which came highly recommended by the bride herself :)

Ultimate Brie LT
Double Crème Brie, thick sliced Peppered Bacon and Vine Ripe Tomato with Leaf Lettuce and Mayo on Ciabatta.

Coastal Provisions Market
1236 Duck Road
Duck, NC 27949

Can't wait for my next vacation and foodie exploration!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dogs on Leash

Hearing at City Hall was a big success! The $1,000 fine for dogs of leash enforced earlier this spring has been lowered to $200 for first time offenders, $400 (second), $600 (third). Thanks to everybody that made it out to Fed Hill for the hearing and for those of you who signed the petitions :)

Dude. Baltimoreans are way too disgruntled about the dumbest things. Enough people complained about dogs off leash so then out of nowhere, $1,000 fines! Nobody, even dog owners, want dogs running rampant around a public park, so let's do what every other city does that has a strong dog presence and build more dog parks...this time one that people and their dogs will actually go too. I'm not a huge fan of the Canton Dog Park, but beggars can't be choosers right?

*photo from canton dog park site

Eating Healthy in Baltimore

Author, Michael Pollan is slated to speak this Saturday at the Enoch Pratt Free Library regarding his most recent book entitled "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto", and previous best-seller, "The Omnivore's Dilemma".

Michael Pollan public lecture
Saturday, May 16th @ Enoch Pratt Free Library
400 Cathedral St.
Cocktail Reception 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. (*reception sold out)
more details here

I've seen the covers of both before but haven't had a chance to peruse either. A brief synopsis of In Defense of Food touches upon the "American Paradox": in which the Western Diet is said to consist of "edible foodlike substances" instead of "real" food. This real food, typically consists of 5 or less ingredients and does not tout health buzz words on the packaging is what the American diet should consist of. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael's seven words to live by. I think there is a lot of good advice to glean from this book. Of course, I am willing to read any book related to food, although this one seems exceptionally interesting. Wish I could go to the lecture but will be in Princeton for ECAC's.

Other books I am may or may not read (food-related):

These may not capitolize on the healthiest of food choices as Pollan's books do, but I'm all about educating myself on both perspectives :)

**Just added (Diane is interviewing the author on NPR RIGHT NOW! and he was featured on Colbert Report a couple weeks ago)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Now it's time to eat!
Post Market Brunch on my patio. tomato, peppers arugula, scallions, gorgonzola and parmesan omelette, side of bacon and an Elvis inspired cinnamon, brown sugar french toast baguette sammich with bananas and almond butter.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Killed it.

So this WAS our take-out from El Guapito, previously known as El Torito in Mt Vernon. Yeah, we killed it.

I know this may not be the most captivating pic for you foodies, but what it should tell you is that this place is awesome hence the near clean plates. Seriously legit, authentic mexican. We decided on take-out instead of sit-down due to the fact that NO ONE was at the restaurant. So yeah, it was pretty early for dinner (6:30), but still you can tell there wasn't much foot traffic. That didn't bother me because we got extra special service from the host/owner. She answered all of our questions about the dishes and was very personable. I decided on the tacos surtidos (chorizo, al pastor, and lengua-beef tongue) Each meat had a distinct flavor and just was intense; that's the only way to describe it. The rice and beans I purchased separately, as they do not come with, were rich with flavor too and a welcomed break between tacos. 

Ross went for the chicken enchiladas and they were awesome! Way better than the ones he normally gets from Holy Frijoles. I love having a boyfriend that never finishes his meal! I ended up scarfing half of the enchiladas and was glad I did. Each mouthful was exploding with succulent verde sauce and moist chicken. The corn tortillas instead of flour was worth noting also as it definitely made a difference. Homemade tortilla chips were great- just crispy enough and as addictive as any if not more. Unfortunately they didn't have any guac due to business being slow and avocados going bad :(

I really really really really want this place to do well! Stop by when you can, even for take-out. The location isn't ideal but there is usually parking right out front or around the corner on Park. I am a stickler about ambience and would say that is not a selling point of El Guapito but the food certainly makes up for it. 

One more thing! They open at 10:30 and serve traditional Mexican breakfast!! Although the items listed on the menu are limited for breakfast, they will make just about anything for you if they have the ingredients. Yay!

El Guapito Mexican Restaurant
110 W Mulberry Street
Baltimore, MD 

Art Mart today

Art Mart was today in West Mt Vernon Park, hosted by Baltimore crafting duo at Squidfire. Beautiful day for a low key event like this. Could have spent more money but decided to save some for tomorrow's Farmer's Market :)

Bumble Bee Studios had a really nice space. Neat herbal "artisan" bath and body products as mentioned on her etsy page. 

Cotton Monster, one of my favorite stops every year. Her lovely stuffed monsters are delightful. I just can't seem to justify spending $35 plus on stuffed animals. But the workmanship is impeccable. 

I bought one of these guys last year. His name is Macaroni. people were getting their hair done by Tenpachi? Interesting concept. Looked like fun! I like the idea of getting beautified outside. 

I bought some neat prints from Brainstorm, a Jersey based print & design duo. I plan on giving them to the mothers in my family for mother's day but...I sorta kinda like em too much. Oh alright, I'll give em to em. The one pictured above I pulled from their flickr link, the assortment of horticulturally inclined images were my fav. 

I have to give a shout to Tigelilly! I bought a pair of darling rose studs for myself today...couldn't resist. Only $4! Check out her etsy store- everything is there! First saw her work at the American Craft Council earlier this year and became enamored with the organic nature-oriented etchings on the jewelry; see above :)

Puff's & Pastries of Hampden were there with sweet AND savory goodies. Sammiches and cookies are always welcome. Of course I had just eaten so I couldn't indulge.  I love her stuff.

Kudos to Squidfire for putting on another stellar Art Mart. Side note...I'm not quite into Squidfire's stuff- is that horrible of me? Since they facilitate a lot of cool craft stuff for Bmore? Just my personal opinion...

Friday, May 08, 2009

Guest Appearance!

Distinguished Towson track star and seasoned food enthusiast, Maggie made a guest appearance in her old dwelling of Mt Vernon last weekend! Look how cute she is eating this phenomenal falefal sandwich from the Farmer's Market. Come back to Baltimore again soon!

Reason #385

Reason # 385 that I can't stick to a semi-healthy diet when at work...
I walk out of my building and the 5th grade is hosting a BAKE SALE! AHHH!

Look how freakin cute these are! Strawberry, almond, chocolate chips, blueberry nose and a cantaloupe cheese! :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


1) My foot still hurts. I go to the doctor this week. I will probably need a new foot. I hope my insurance will cover it.

2) I am sick of the stationary bike.

3) It is horrifically depressing out. This weather sucks.

4) I am perpetually hungry. Eating is now filling the void of running; I am getting really good at it!

But at least I have a new puppy!

Picture is bad. But he is cute nonetheless.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Swine Flu for Blue Hens :(

Saturday's UDel track meet has been CANCELLED due to several reported cases of Swine Flu on campus. Too bad... But don't you fret, Towson will be in action for our last in season meet at George Mason...blah.