Sunday, September 14, 2008

Memoirs of Baltimore Runners

I had an epiphany today. Wouldn't it be neat if someone documented unique stories of Baltimore runners? Their running routes, their running-related rituals (pre-run/post-run) either for a race or the average long run, favorite places to eat after running, this also could fall under rituals, even just the weird quirks of local runners in Baltimore; in essence an extension of the typical oddities of Baltimore

During a medium run this morning, I ran into a runner a third of the way through his long run (about 12 miles total). We hit Druid Hill together and headed back through Bolton Hill; a run that would have been dreadful, especially in the heat, had it been by myself. He made a comment about his favorite post-long run activity during our run- " All I can think about is my cold gatorade and the greasy lunch waiting for me; after my nap of course." He goes on to tell me that after most long runs he frequents a local bar for a tasty saturated meal for replenishment. This got me thinking; what other weird things do runners do here in Baltimore? It's worth mentioning that during this run with this stranger, I was able to see parts of Baltimore right near me that I had never explored; the Jones Falls trail and how it leads right to Druid Hill. Craziness!

I am just very inspired by the intracies of others around me; especially those that run. Why do they run? So they can eat? So they feel a since of accomplishment? To win? To stay in shape? My answer most definitely is to eat...As of recently, I have been very lax with my intake; allowing myself to indulge on anything and everything. After especially intense and heavy meals, this inspires me even further to exercise. Is it healthy? I don't know. I'm not overdoing it so I feel as though it's okay.

First "Memoir of a Baltimore Runner":

Training for: 7th straight Baltimore Marathon
Location: Locust Point
Training quirk: Refuses to run with a water belt or camel back for long runs, instead carries an extra large gatorade bottle.
Favorite post-run meal: bar food and gatorade
Favorite Baltimore run: (not actually sure of this answer so I am using today's run for this; Fort McHenry -Harbor- up Charles- Druid Hill via Jones Falls Trail- Bolton Hill back to Charles- to Locust Point
Training Run Link

I would like to elaborate on these memoirs; give me some more question ideas...

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