Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Long time no post. Currently watching Project Runway, can't wait to see these designs on the runway. Diane Von Furstenberg is the guest celebrity and they got to sample her fabrics; what a beautiful sundry of prints and whimsical colors. So, I FINALLY went grocery shopping but very sparingly. Dog, boy and I trekked to Trader Joe's in Towson; I get my fruit and veggies and Ross goes for his pie and ice cream. I will try and not finish the pie tonight ;) The primary reason for our mini shopping trip was for granola bar ingredients, and the essentials of course...the pie being one of them, ha. On a repeat of Good Eats the other week, I spotted a recipe that seemed too good to be true; Alton whipped up some healthy homemade alternative granola bars and some other nutritionals. I'll probably make this for the XC team tomorrow so they can chomp em after their race on Friday.

Workout today with the team-
8 min warm up?
800m indian run/ pick-up
4x400 @ 72-75, 90 sec. rest
20 min cool down (team did 10 min)

Back track on last couple days of training; I have only had time to train with the team and nothing additional. 30 min run Saturday; no run Sunday; 1600-1200-1000 mini ladder on back field on Monday; 30 min run on Tuesday. Tuesday's recovery run was tough in the heat; definitely have NOT been drinking enough water.

OH! Went to Golden West Cafe last night and had the tilapia taco special. Loved it. edgy spices in the salsa, light drizzle of creme sauce and ginormous chunks of tomatoes; my favorite. AND they actually substituted corn tortillas instead of flour! You've got to remember, they are a NO substitutes kind of place :)

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