Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Utter. Boredom.

Brain functions are coming to a screaching hault as I waste away in front of my computer. I am counting the minutes, scratch that, seconds until the work day is done. I have been excessively snacking on the box of cookies given to our department. I've almost finished a full layer! Yes! I am accomplishing things today after all!

Dinner last night was hilarious. Due to my limited grocery shopping in recent weeks, I essentially made a casserole of everything that was left in the fridge. Wheat rotini pasta layered with spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomato sauce, and cheese. Not just any cheese, but provolone sandwich slice cheese cut into panels. Yes, that was the only cheese available-oh, and parmasean. Bread crumbs topped it off before baking for approx. 25 minutes. It is definitely time to replenish the fridge. I guess I could figure out something for dinner tonight from a couple tortillas and a bottle of mayo? Probably not.

Running today may not happen...Feeling extra lazy. Would much prefer grocery shopping (who says that!) or buying more holiday gifts which I still need to do; and tomorrow is Christmas!!!

AHH! Phew- one more half hour...or so.

Can't wait for sunny California :(

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