Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rain won't quit

So back from California for a week or so...back to pitifully depressing weather.

Day 2 of yucky non-stop moisture. Dreariness causing me to consistently talk myself out of running and/or any healthy or fitness focused endeavor. Instead, I choose to eat. 2009 is off to a rocky start already. Winter Break for the team has allowed me to take some time for myself after work everyday which is nice. Getting home while it's still light out is a major plus. I end up napping anyway, so it's not like I am really utilizing these free bee hours with anything productive.

Nothing really monumental on my mind today. Would like to mention, rumor has it, per a blog commenter on Elizabeth Large's Bmore Sun blog, that Anthony Bourdain is in Baltimore currently shooting for a new episode of No Reservations. A bunch of commenters responded with- "Where would you take Anthony in Baltimore to tipify the culinary traditions of Charm City?" I honestly could not think of any essential suggestions. There are a bunch of food hang outs that are imperative to MY Baltimore life but do not necessarily define Baltimore by any means; instead I think they moreso define Baltimore as it relates to me. It's hard to define a restaurant and its cuisine for others. Plus, it seems like for his show he would need culinary options that were really poignant and in your face. And nothing that I do or eat is really strictly unique to Baltimore.

Anyway. I really really really need to force myself to run today. Group run at Canton I think? Will check it out, probably will conveniently fall asleep when I get home and miss it :)

PS- this post is not even worth posting but I am posting for lack of better things to do at work.

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