Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coldspring Brunch

After a lazy Sunday morning at the pool, I decided to hit up brunch. The initial thought was to sample Woodberry Kitchen's new brunch menu in Clipper Mill but after showing up 15 minutes before the close of brunch (2PM), we were told that no more "walk-in's" were to be taken as the food selection was running low. Who makes reservations for a brunch? Come on. Now I know their brunch ends at 2 so I won't make that mistake again, if I even go again. Strike two on Woodberry. First dining experience was lackluster so this did not bode well. to the brunch fail-safe; Miss Shirley's in Roland Park. We were not disappointed. Observe.

SICK Monkey bread. This "appetizer" or ridiculous dessert was unreal. Pecans, cinnamon, bananas, even a decadent chocolate sauce for dipping seated within the monkey bread itself.

After a couple rest breaks, we were able to not only make a dent but obliterate the monkey mayhem.
The indulgence continued with the "Get Your Grits On" dish; jerk shrimp, fried green tomatoes- a Miss Shirley's specialty- and savory grits with a bacon and roasted corn emulsion. The shrimp were enormous and well seasoned. I could have gone for more grits and less fried green tomatoes; although the texture of the fried tomatoes were a welcome addition.

Jen had an omelette. It looked good.

I'm glad Woodberry gave us the boot because we definitely would not have had this kind of home-cooked, playful cuisine at Woodberry. Never let down by Miss Shirley's :)

On to my next food adventure, wherever that may be...
OH! I still have yet to post about my Restaurant Week selection from two weeks ago...ended up going to the Wine Market with Saki. Pictures and "review" of sorts will be posted when I decide to upload images from my camera.

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