Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Magic of Wegmans

fruit tarts galore
olive bar

122 Shawan Road
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Anyone that ever said they hate grocery shopping obviously have never been to a Wegmans. I finally made time for my first Wegmans adventure this past weekend out in Hunt Valley as I happened to be in the area for a 5K race in the McCormick business district.

This place is indescribable. I have had plenty of conversations about how awe inspiring the Wegmans experience can be but I couldn't grasp the magnitude until this first shopping trip. I plan on making an extra effort to travel the 20 minutes out to Hunt Valley at least once a month to explore the awesomeness of Wegmans. Be sure to give yourself at least 2 solid hours of shopping. Make sure you bring recipes for ridiculously exotic dishes you never thought you would be able to find the ingredients for; especially all at one location because you will find them here.

The international food section was phenomenal; from the japanese seaweed rolls and pocky candy to the Goya wall of goodness. The Health Foods section is like a mini Trader Joes within the Wegmans Temple of Food. A sundry of Paul Newman snacks, bulk food, and gluten-free options. The list goes on. Best of all, the bakery stole my heart. As I waltzed down the floury aisles, I found freshly baked rosemary rolls, olive loafs and multigrain flatbreads. The pastries appeared to rival any local patisserie; I didn't try them but they were beautifully done. Unreal. AND the employees were all so pleasant. From the cashier to the customer service rep that helped me find my cell phone I left in the bread aisle. Can't wait to buy more groceries!

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Santiago Pituitary said...

olive bar + fruit tarts ... i want in on that magic