Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daily Happenings

After recovering from a 5 day excursion in the mountains of Colorado with my family, I return to the daily grind. I start the morning with my favorite cup of coffee- black, at The Evergreen. Most coffee shops open at 7, thankfully the Evergreen is open a wee bit earlier allowing me ample time for me to grab the essentials before I make the final turn for the office :( Along with my cup of Zeke's, I get my usual toasted wheat bagel with sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado as well as a small fruit salad. I am officially ready to start my day...

8 hours later, I am on my way to Towson University's track for a brief warm-up and drills.
1 mile Warm Up
Plyometric Drills
6x100m accelerations (13-15 sec.) 45 sec. recovery
1 mile Cool Down

I decide to head over to Falls Road Running to run with their 6:30 group. We embark on a 50 minute run through Robert E Lee park I looooove running these trails although I frequently end up with a rolled ankle, no biggie.

Headed to Iggie's for my post-workout binge; arugula pizza and the sesamo salad. Yum. Great fuel to accompany Project Runway and the DNC. woo hoo!


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