Friday, August 29, 2008

Dreary Rain

Ugh what a day. Rain. medium rain, misty rain, lots of rain. A lot of rain and clouds. Just what you look forward to on a Friday. Got my Zeke's @ Evergreen as usual, also late as usual. I tried a breakfast sandwich for a change and was flabbergasted to see how they cook their eggs! The eggs go in a microwave safe cup and they are nuked! I mean I have microwaved eggs before but I was surprised by their method, especially in their choice to heat it with the spinach mixed in. Quite possibly some of the flavor was lost but the mozzarella more than compensated.

Work ended and off to practice with the team-
10 min warm up
3x3 200m hills, w/ 800m recovery between sets
10 min cool down

Practice followed by simple yet flavorful dining experience at Grano Pasta Bar in Hampden on the Avenue. Very low key atmosphere, but informal ambiance did not sacrifice authenticity of food; not that it necessarily does. I was immediately greeted when I entered and was offered a cozy seat at the bar. I had a perfect view of the chef who was referred to by most by name, Carlos. I started my order with one server but he was soon overtaken by the owner's grandson. An extroverted 7th grader, this excitable young man took my pasta order, recommended sauces and desserts, and kept me geniunely entertained. It was such a pleasant experience; certainly the highlight of my day. the pomodoro y mozzarella was the perfect portion of tomato to cheese with a bed of fresh greens topped with stunningly fresh pesto. Since one meal is never enough, I also ordered a pasta dish; I mean hello it is a pasta bar. Although my young server recommended the original tomato sauce, I opted for the savory caper, olive and anchovy sauce with skinned tomatoes on penne. So gooooood. They even served the pasta first like in Italy with the salad following.

Dog walk with the basset hound in Mt Vernon. Extended the walk to City Cafe for an after dinner drink; skim cappucino and fresh harvest cookie. My uncle Richard once said; there is nothing like a good oatmeal raisin cookie. He was right, I love good cookies but they certainly don't have to be oatmeal :)

Ew. I need to shower, I am still soaked from rain and running.

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