Friday, October 24, 2008

More Baltimore Running Memoirs to come

Boy have I been busy! I have a couple interesting running memoirs from some elite male marathon competitors that ran the Baltimore Running Festival earlier this month. I will post those soon for anyone reading this...

Additionally, lots of exciting dining being done lately but not out at restaurants surprisingly enough. I have actually been cooking for a change; this is prompted more so by the current economic situation and wanting to be on top of my bills. I started the week with a stir-fry inspired chicken dish seasoned heavily with lemon pepper, chili powder, salt, black pepper, and a teriyaki sauce stir fried with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli. In a separate pot, I had israeli couscous cooking which ended up being just what the stir fry needed. I opted for the spin on couscous when at Trader Joe's; the fiber was higher and less calories per serving, plus the mix of different grains seemed fun. Plus it had quinoa which is a grain I have never cooked!

I have my friend Jen to thank for the gratis stir fry/wok pan she gave me; newlyweds always have so much stuff to give away.

I attended an event last weekend at Nick's Fish House which actually was a surprisingly neat little place. So it's essentially off the beaten path, outside the city up Hanover St? It was easy to get to but pretty much surrounded by warehouses. The restaurant is right on the harbor where there a plenty of docked boats which proves to be a pleasant view from the patio area. They were hosting a gala of sorts for a grass-roots organization benefiting clean water in Baltimore. I will get details on the actual organization. I can thank Jen (again) for tickets to this lovely shindig.

Let me mention that this events selling point was its seafood buffet. I have decided that buffets are NOT for me. It is the Achilles heal to my nourishment; meaning...I can't stop! Every time I went up to the buffet, there would be something new, plus the element of free makes it even that much more appealing. Five full plates later, I am huddled in the back seat of my friends car anxious to get home and put on the fat pants.

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