Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unusual Pairings

Just thinking about things that may not naturally go together but do really well when paired.

On the Avenue in Hampden, Ma Petite Shoe specializes in shoes...but not JUST shoes, half of the store is also devoted to chocolate. I presume the owner is a fan of both eccentric, unique shoes, and also obscure and artisan forms of chocolate. I love that she, (I am assuming the owner is a woman) decided- hey! I like these two things, so I'm going to open a store that focuses on both! PS- They sell vegan shoes! bah.

Another interesting spot, Chocolatea Cafe right off of University in Charles Village seems to have a similar passion for chocolate. Their selection ranges from specialized teas to truffles. They also have an asian infused tapas selection? This seems a bit out of left field; perhaps too many elements? You decide. My friend Jen will be stopping by this weekend, I will get her take on it.

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