Wednesday, April 22, 2009

30 Day Challenge

Mr Yogato is OPEN for business.

Ross and I are attempting the 30 day challenge...after 30 consecutive days of froyo goodness, they will name a flavor/toppings combination after you!

If I can make it through, I will do something like...tangy froyo, mango, mochi, and granola. What should I call it? Ross is definitely all over the tangy froyo, cookie crisps, fruity pebbles and banana toppings. I have to admit, 3 days in I am already getting a little over-yogurtfied.

The layout is adorable; there is a back lounge area with lots of funky seating, vibrant colors and lots of character. The front of house boasts table top games like Connect 4, Guess Who and Operation!!! There's a nintendo and TV set up in the corner for anyone inclined to regress back to grade school gaming days :) It's super cute and VERY inviting...I just hope the novelty of it doesn't wear off.

Ross and Jenn diving into their sweet treats during our first visit.

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