Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fine Dining on Eastern Ave

First time at Matthew's Pizza last night. Made a quick stop after getting off 95 at the Eastern exit. I am way less familiar with this side of 95 but invite any breaks from monotony. So I know this place has been around for like EVER (50 years +?) but like I said, I tend to stick to my terriroty...Midtown. Well I shouldn't have been surprised by the quaint arrangements inside; I did expect more of a take-out vibe with a counter and waiting area but instead, I was pleased to find several occupied tables. A family sang Happy Birthday to a beaming 5 year old, an older couple relaxed with a bottle of wine and anchovie pizza...very homey and inviting :)

Great Art on the walls, even though it's kinda kitchy. They may have had the majority of their success in the 80s and 90s when it comes to regional recognition and awards, but they still have the charm. AND damn good pizza. Fresh ingredients, homemade pizza dough, imported cheese and ridiculously good bruschetta...which is what I got. Ross went for the crab pizza which was very good- unique interpretation with no sauce, red or white; just cheese and crab! Dough came out lightly crisped but still chewy enough. Will totally go back for what I like to call- "date night in sweatpants". Label reserved for dining environments that are conducive to sweatpants :)

Check out this ancient soda fridge. LOVE IT.

Matthew's Pizza
3131 Eastern Ave
(410) 276-8755


RM said...

1) Midtown sucks

2) My side is better, lots more space, lots more WT

3) I ate at Matthew's when I first moved here, didn't like it, and also it served Pepsi products so immediate dismissal in my book.

4) There are actually many good places over here that you would like and should check out:

Annabel Lee, which I'm sure you've at least heard of if you haven't eaten there. Three was good, over on the north side of Patt Park, but a little pricey. And for the real deal best pizza in the state of Maryland, Pasta Mista - where I know you've eaten the night of my birthday party.

Rebs said...

1) Midtown DOES NOT suck
2) I dont know what WT means
3)Pepsi does suck and therefore I did not purchase any of their fountain beverages
4)I have tried Annabel Lee Tavern and loved it. Will need to check out Three...have read about it...Pasta Mista is fine and dandy but nothing to write home about.
PS- It's not just the food that makes Matthews good- it exudes kindness and an intangible intimateness that a take-out place like Pasta Mista could never offer.

EL said...

1. Midtown is fine, but I like being close to the water.

2. WT is garbage that lacks color.

3. Matthew's Pizza is awes! Pasta Mista is good for fancy pizza, but Tutti Gusti still rocks the cheese pizza.

4. There are many fine establishments on our side including Yellow Dog, G&A, and Sin Fronteras (which we need to try).

DCJACOBS said...

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