Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheesesteaks and Penn Relays

Alright, so running track and highly caloric cheesesteaks with cheese whiz don't usually coexist but at Penn Relays anything can happen.
So, I made the trip out with the Towson 4x100 and 4x400 to Philadelphia on Thursday for Penn Relays! Always something to look forward to; not only because of the phenomenal relay performances but the worldly cuisine attributed to the Jamaican street vendors that set up shop on Walnut and South street...every other year but this year. No jerk chicken, no goat curry, no plantains. It was heartwrenching, I have no idea why they weren't there this year, but it completely blew my lunch plans.

Between Relays I settled on an organic and vegan-friendly tomatu ragu, rice, tofu and veggie wrap from Magic Carpet Foods- a cart I found right outside the park by UPenn on Walnut? Pretty good stuff, definitely need to remember that place. Wrap was followed by a ginormous fruit salad from a fruit stand just next door.

I am obsessed with the food carts in Philly. Why can't Baltimore jump on the bandwagon? They are convenient, quick and most importantly ridiculously good!
This cart is right outside UPenn's stadium on Walnut. I made 3 trips for breakfast (bagel with egg and cheese), one for Roger's cheesesteak, and one more for Ross' cheesesteak to-go. GREAT cart; they've been right in that spot for about 50 years?
Our 4x100 was a little lackluster with some shaky handoffs but we came back and won our heat in the 4x400, so that was a nice end to the day. Links to the videos on Flotrack are above.

Of course we had to stop for dinner and what better a meal then more cheesesteaks! This one was a bit off the radar, outside of the city and off the interstate. I can't remember the name but will fill that in later...

From Left to Right: Chicken Cheesesteak, Cheesesteak with lettuce and tomatoes, Cheesesteak BBQ style...yeah

Friday @ Penn Relays- I didn't make the trip out with the team because I gotta make that money, but I did want to mention our Shuttle Hurdle Relay team won their heat in a blistering 59.32, placing 7th overall. Great Job Towson!!!

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Baltimore don't eat fruit.