Monday, July 20, 2009

Starling Diner

Starling Diner
4114 E. Third St.
Long Beach, CA
(562) 433-2041

I first found Starling Diner while driving through town with my mom situated amidst a low key residential street. The window treatment was quaint with crafty details. I said immediately- "We have to go there". I could tell it was my kind of place, specializing in breakfasts, baked goods and hearty sandwiches; no need for frilly dramatic dinner menus. We finally go for breakfast nearing the end of my vacation and it was oh so worth it. I was EXTRA hungry following an early morning spinning class and swim. This proved helpful as it allowed me to sample more from their rich selections. I started with an excellent "baked every morning scone" with a decadent house-made lemon curd and butter on the side. This was devoured immediately.

The menu was concise which made ordering a breeze. I get anxious when menus are noticeably overworked. Starling capitalizes on their simplicity with a no nonsense and well rounded menu. I chose the smoked salmon dish, pictured above. Sauteed spinach and smoked salmon came topped with delicately poached eggs and some other frou frou items (chopped tomatoes and sprouts) obscuring the dish a bit in the pic. Side of potatoes were just crispy enough and not overly greasy. Twas a lovely breakfast; salmon was fresh as can be, not the slimy packaged type and melded well with the sauteed spinach. Eggs were pretty standard, although...I have never made a decent poached egg so kudos to all that are able to successfully do this cause they taste great!

Mom got the breakfast polenta starter. No it is NOT an ice cream sundae as it may appear to be, although it was pretty intense for a breakfast dish. I have only had polenta served in a savory context or fried in a cake. This sweetened version with cream tasted almost like tapioca but with small flavorful grains. Yum! Looking forward to my next Starling Diner meal; I've heard there french toast is to DIE FOR.

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