Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Philly weekend: The Franklin Fountain

Wow. I love fro yo and gelato and all the fancy schmancy dessert options out there, but there is something to be said about old school fresh ice cream. The Franklin Fountain is an authentic ice cream parlor that embodies the exact characteristics of any 20th century establishment. From the tin accents on the ceiling, to the hairnets on the help.

Ice cream flavors are relatively standard, I tried the rum raisin, a childhood favorite and maple walnut which tasted just like creamy maple candy. The hot fudge was so decadent I bought my own jar for sundaes at home. ($9) Which I might add is almost gone already and it's been three days. Only shortcoming that is not quite articulated until you reach the register is that they are a "cash only" establishment. I should have assumed that...with it being a storefront circa 1908. So, my ice cream had to be put on hold after already being scooped and Andrea and I had to make the trek to the nearest bar for a cash withdrawal. The extra steps were well worth it.

Also worth noting-they serve their to-go ice cream in an adorable carton a la chinese food with an available closure in case you aren't able to finish it all..something I didn't have any trouble with. This is a MUST visit place in Old City, Philadelphia. You must must must go.

The Franklin Fountain
No. 116 Market Street.
Phila. PA 19106
215 627 1899

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