Monday, June 15, 2009

Learned to Row (1 wk later)

So in fact I did attend Learn to Row Day in Middle Branch Park hosted by the Baltimore Rowing Club a week ago. Sorry to all my loyal readers (mom and dad) that it has taken me forever to update this thing but real life was getting in the way of my blogging habits- pitiful excuse, I know. It won't happen again.

The rowing event two Saturday's ago officially started at 9AM, Britta and I waltzed into the boathouse area a little after 10 and were told our group would begin in 45 minutes to an hour. Ugh. Ok, so we had to amuse ourselves for a while and decided to mosey over to the Gwynn Falls informational area who were soliciting volunteers for National Trails Day, which was that day. Groups of volunteers were all over cleaning up, getting dirty and improving the trails. Britta and I just watched. Gwynn Falls Trails are actually pretty neat and span pretty much all of Baltimore in some capacity. If I were so inclined to ride a bike, I might do so on this trail.
Here's a completely illegibale picture of the Gwynn Falls Trail map. I would advise just visiting the PDF link since this gives you no idea what you are looking at.

Anyway, back to rowing. After killing an hour, our group was on deck. I could already tell this wouldn't exactly be the most stimulating experience as the brief hands-on component followed approximately 30 minutes filled with a boat house tour, informational safety video, and erg machine overview. Eventually we made it out onto the Patapsco and that part was most definitely the highlight; except for the fact that it is extremely difficult to get a group of novice rowers to follow directions and row in unison. Oh well, at least we tried.

So I can now check this off my list of sports I thought I might be into...
Next up- Female Boxing in Baltimore! Any ideas/locations?

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