Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sticky Rice in the District

Saw the fam on Sunday and had an impromptu family brunch at Sticky Rice in DC. I had been raving incessantly about how awesome this place was; I had been to the original location in Richmond a couple years back and could not wait for them to open quasi-locally. And they did not disappoint.

I'm always down for an eclectic brunch selection and was definitely digging the unique dishes served. Huuuge plus- the full sushi and specials menu is available during brunch which means I could sample items from both! Also worth noting are the approachable price points, barely anything on the brunch menu even goes into the double digits!

The commute was pretty straightforward and parking was a breeze...mostly because of the locale. As we cruised further into NE past Union Station, H Street got a Sticky is right before the newly developed Atlas District...gentrification at its finest.

Back to food and drink; ordered a breakfast cocktail- the Sakimosa. Lovely start to the meal :)
Immediately ordered our bucket o' tots with the secret tot tartar sauce. Scrumptious.

Settled on the green chili over rice; nice and light but not quite satisfying enough. Followed the small portion up with a crunchy specialty roll- "Snap, Crackle, Pop"- slightly spicy with salmon, cucumber, jalepenos, tobiko, and crunchy tempura flakes, my favorite! Presentation was darling- how cute is the wasabi mouse?! I melt for that kinda stuff. PS- Rooster sauce on the table for extra heat! Love!
Dad got the Crunchy Shrimp and Grits (above), described as Tempura fried shrimp with togarashi (japanese pepper) served with cheddar cheese grits topped with chopped sausage, red
and green peppers and onions. Didn't get to snag a bite; plate was cleaned pretty quickly ;)

Love the name of this dish- The Kevin Bacon and the clean presentation. Sister Chanty nibbled at this, but with my help she was able to join the clean plate club. Bacon was crispy, French toast was fluffy, "sweet potatoe home fries" weren't really home fry-ish but still worth it. The mandarins were a nice refreshing garnish.

Lil' Jackie demolished the Sticky Mess which was a perfect choice for kids. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, red onions, scallions all smothered with cheeeeeeeese. A 2 year olds dream.

Highly recommend this place not only for a brunch with little ones and family types but perhaps for a night out, for a lunch with friends, or for....just about anything. It's got just the right amount of kitsch with a touch of quirky but a hell of a lot of character. Not to mention I've heard they host a bangin karaoke on Tuesdays! More weekly events/specials found here.

Sticky Rice DC
1224 H St
NE Washington, DC
(202) 397-ROLL (7655)

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