Friday, June 05, 2009

Learn to Row in Baltimore

Baltimore Rowing Club
3301 Waterview Avenue Balto, MD 21230
Saturday June 6, 2009

In an effort to assuage my unbridled depression due to not being able to run, I plan on attending tomorrow's Learn to Row event hosted by the Baltimore Rowing Club in Middle Branch Park. I have become close friends with the erg machine at the local Merritt and can't wait to put those stationary skills to real use. Groups form every 30 minutes between 9am & 3pm; each equipped with a coach and very own coxswain. Any questions can be directed at

Also featured on the site-
"June 6 is also National Trails Day and our friends
at the Gwynns Falls Trail are focusing their 2009
Service Project on Middle Branch Park ,
which runs through and around the boathouse.
If you have some free time before or after
your Learn to Row session , lend a hand!"

Might be fun to walk the trails after my rowing excursion...but it would be more fun to run them :(

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