Friday, May 29, 2009

Dying to Run

I want to run. My foot still hurts, therefore I can't. This is all I think about...

I have self-diagnosed myself with an ankle impingement.

When I get healthy again (which feels like it is going to be an eternity from now)- I have considered running the following local races...

Rockville Twighlight- 8K (6/18)

Survivor Harbor 7 miler (6/14)

Baltimore Women's Classic- 5K (6/28)

Honestly, I probably won't be able to race at all this month, so who am I kidding... I will need to project some August or September racing goals just to be more realistic. Any suggestions? 5K/10K and half marathon distance...maybe

Get better foot, or else this will be me...


alfa foxtrot said...

oh wow. i really wasnt ready for the surprise ending. i hope your foot feels better soon!

RM said...

First, I will ask you nicely to take down the picture of my sister. That's not nice.

Second, Rockville Twilight is 7/18 (you put 6/18) so you definitely have time for that!

Third, have you seen anyone about your foot?

Fourth, Philly Distance Run!! And also Bay Cafe 5k. And maybe the Baltimore 5k in October.