Saturday, May 09, 2009

Art Mart today

Art Mart was today in West Mt Vernon Park, hosted by Baltimore crafting duo at Squidfire. Beautiful day for a low key event like this. Could have spent more money but decided to save some for tomorrow's Farmer's Market :)

Bumble Bee Studios had a really nice space. Neat herbal "artisan" bath and body products as mentioned on her etsy page. 

Cotton Monster, one of my favorite stops every year. Her lovely stuffed monsters are delightful. I just can't seem to justify spending $35 plus on stuffed animals. But the workmanship is impeccable. 

I bought one of these guys last year. His name is Macaroni. people were getting their hair done by Tenpachi? Interesting concept. Looked like fun! I like the idea of getting beautified outside. 

I bought some neat prints from Brainstorm, a Jersey based print & design duo. I plan on giving them to the mothers in my family for mother's day but...I sorta kinda like em too much. Oh alright, I'll give em to em. The one pictured above I pulled from their flickr link, the assortment of horticulturally inclined images were my fav. 

I have to give a shout to Tigelilly! I bought a pair of darling rose studs for myself today...couldn't resist. Only $4! Check out her etsy store- everything is there! First saw her work at the American Craft Council earlier this year and became enamored with the organic nature-oriented etchings on the jewelry; see above :)

Puff's & Pastries of Hampden were there with sweet AND savory goodies. Sammiches and cookies are always welcome. Of course I had just eaten so I couldn't indulge.  I love her stuff.

Kudos to Squidfire for putting on another stellar Art Mart. Side note...I'm not quite into Squidfire's stuff- is that horrible of me? Since they facilitate a lot of cool craft stuff for Bmore? Just my personal opinion...

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