Wednesday, May 06, 2009


1) My foot still hurts. I go to the doctor this week. I will probably need a new foot. I hope my insurance will cover it.

2) I am sick of the stationary bike.

3) It is horrifically depressing out. This weather sucks.

4) I am perpetually hungry. Eating is now filling the void of running; I am getting really good at it!

But at least I have a new puppy!

Picture is bad. But he is cute nonetheless.


RM said...

Insurance usually does not cover new feet, but I could fashion you a peg leg and you could become a running pirate.

Santiago Pituitary said...

this dog is so insanely cute i don't know how to live anymore. good job on the ears!!!

Molly said...

I love basset hounds!!!! Mine would love to be pals with your spotted little guy! ahhaaa