Saturday, May 09, 2009

Killed it.

So this WAS our take-out from El Guapito, previously known as El Torito in Mt Vernon. Yeah, we killed it.

I know this may not be the most captivating pic for you foodies, but what it should tell you is that this place is awesome hence the near clean plates. Seriously legit, authentic mexican. We decided on take-out instead of sit-down due to the fact that NO ONE was at the restaurant. So yeah, it was pretty early for dinner (6:30), but still you can tell there wasn't much foot traffic. That didn't bother me because we got extra special service from the host/owner. She answered all of our questions about the dishes and was very personable. I decided on the tacos surtidos (chorizo, al pastor, and lengua-beef tongue) Each meat had a distinct flavor and just was intense; that's the only way to describe it. The rice and beans I purchased separately, as they do not come with, were rich with flavor too and a welcomed break between tacos. 

Ross went for the chicken enchiladas and they were awesome! Way better than the ones he normally gets from Holy Frijoles. I love having a boyfriend that never finishes his meal! I ended up scarfing half of the enchiladas and was glad I did. Each mouthful was exploding with succulent verde sauce and moist chicken. The corn tortillas instead of flour was worth noting also as it definitely made a difference. Homemade tortilla chips were great- just crispy enough and as addictive as any if not more. Unfortunately they didn't have any guac due to business being slow and avocados going bad :(

I really really really really want this place to do well! Stop by when you can, even for take-out. The location isn't ideal but there is usually parking right out front or around the corner on Park. I am a stickler about ambience and would say that is not a selling point of El Guapito but the food certainly makes up for it. 

One more thing! They open at 10:30 and serve traditional Mexican breakfast!! Although the items listed on the menu are limited for breakfast, they will make just about anything for you if they have the ingredients. Yay!

El Guapito Mexican Restaurant
110 W Mulberry Street
Baltimore, MD 

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