Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Oh how I've missed you blogger. My lack of posting can be attributed to my actual real-life activities that have taken me away from my trusty computer.

Memorial Day weekend was spent in the Outer Banks for a wedding with my Iggie's Running Club friends! Beach was beautiful, wedding was fabulous, bride was breathtaking, food was to die for and I had the honor of being beaten in chess by a 5 year old. Awesome.

Highlights include...

ridiculous quantities of snacks for the drive- thank you Meg!!
morning bathroom routines
naps on the beach
frisbee time
bird watching- who knew? "cup of tea"
fried oysters with wasabi mashed potatoes
bruschetta bars with tapenade, caponata, and traditional bruschetta
chocolate fountains
brie with rasberries, served by Brie
sunburn butts
planet unicorn
...and great friends!

The wedding was catered by Coastal Provisions Market, a suuuuper cute market/grocery right off of Route 12. We made a pit stop there on our way home and picked up some deli sammiches, including the "Ultimate Brie LT" which came highly recommended by the bride herself :)

Ultimate Brie LT
Double Crème Brie, thick sliced Peppered Bacon and Vine Ripe Tomato with Leaf Lettuce and Mayo on Ciabatta.

Coastal Provisions Market
1236 Duck Road
Duck, NC 27949

Can't wait for my next vacation and foodie exploration!

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Santiago Pituitary said...

1) your dogs are the cutest dogs

2) you look awesome

3) i am reading "the botany of desire" by pollan and it is the best