Friday, March 20, 2009

Downtown Commute & Pastries

After a day of low productivity at work (were on spring break, so there isn't much to do...) I plan on "commuting" home to Mt Vernon by foot. The Penn Station shuttle isn't running from Towson since its break for them too so my only option unless I wait 2 hours for a ride, is to run home. Here is my planned course.

Depending on how time is looking, I may stop in some shops on the Avenue as I will be coming right down Roland and intersect with 36th. I am in diar need of a new coffee table and couch; neither of which I could bring with me on my run home but I could maybe pick something out.

A much needed reward post-commute, will be one if not several, pastries from Patisserie Poupon on E Baltimore St. I am so excited! I was lucky enough to sample a couple of their pastries at Marie Louise Bistro who purchases from Poupon, but it'll be that much more thrilling to go to the shop itself. They specialize in catering for events; weddings, etc. but have a small storefront area with petite goodies for tasting :) Photos soon to come if I don't eat too quickly.

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