Friday, March 06, 2009

Working on my Green Thumb

I have all intentions of sprucing up my apartment with some actually living plants. But I have NO idea where to go, what to get, and where to start... Here are some inspiring pics that have me aching for horticulture.

Design Studio at Farmer's Market, an icelandic design company...notice the lovely living branch type thing in the corner (photo taken from designspongeonline)

I love the perfect size potted tree/plant thingy near the fireplace, it's a nice hefty size. Even the aloe plant on the mantel brings life to the space. Pic found in a sneak peek post about Life + Limb store owner Molly Quan's who resides in Portland, OR. (photo from designsponge)

Ironically enough, I checked out Molly's shop and it specializes in "interior plants and homewares for modern living." How perfect is that? I might have to peruse their online selection- although I would really like to buy local and not spend too much...

Here's the space I'm trying to fill...

It's a tall and narrow space that needs something well...tall and narrow. I think I might try Ikea in White Marsh and maybe the Home Depot on Joppa. Any other suggestions for that perfect plant?

I just realized I reference Design Sponge like daily. God, I love that blog.

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EL said...

I think that space calls for a madagascar dragon tree or a ficus tree. Both are fool-proof.