Friday, March 06, 2009

Sun Means Run...maybe

*An image of what I hope Mt Vernon will look like this weekend- blue skies! Probably won't be so green and lush, but gimmie sun!

I am so excited. It is slated to be WARM, WARM, WARM this weekend. Highs of 67 Saturday and 70 Sunday? Ridiculous! I would love to pretend that means I will be doing a lot of running but... my mom is in town and I am recovering from pneumonia so I may be continuing to lay low...(<--- making excuses!) Oh alright, maybe I'll go and run- without a watch though, so it's more for fun :) 5 miles or so a day this week after a week of hacking my gunky lungs up. I hope to get in about the same today after practice. Hopefully my mileage total will be at 30 or so? I'm such a slacker. It's funny this Sunday will be the EXACT opposite Sunday from last week as it was just beginning to snow and was a mere 30 degrees or so. Ugh, I love the inconsistencies of Baltimore weather.

Gearing up for the girls spring break meet next weekend in Myrtle Beach at Coastal Carolina U. Everybody really looks forward to this meet for obvious reasons; great weather, beach and of course it being our first outdoor meet of the season. Hopefully we will set the bar high for the rest of the season. We'll be there for most of spring break so the Miami bikini contests and infamous bar crawls will be replaced with track intervals and long runs. ha.

A couple of Towson trackers will be competing this weekend at the indoor ECAC's in Boston. Our weight thrower threw the qualifying standard with a PR at our last meet- woo hoo! Our hurdler was quite close to the qualifying standard and would have been our lone track competitor, but we decided to take the 4x4 team instead who was a mere .5 seconds off of qualifying. Season PR in a great performance last Friday at the Fast Track Invitational at the NY Armory!

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