Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Sans Car

So I have been living without the convenience of my beloved Element for two work days now and I am surprisingly okay with it. Since Ross got the new job in Woodlawn, he drops me off in the AM and then I must fend for myself as they say in order to get to practice at Towson. This is until he gets his very own car ;) Today I will attempt to take the Penn Station Shuttle from campus to Penn Station in Mt Vernon! How conveeeeeenient! From Friends to Towson for practice is approx 3 miles so I have been running there since the weather has been okay, when it gets crappy out....I don't know what I'll do. Here's the route I take. It's nice cause it totally forces me to at least run 3 miles everyday during the week since I don't really have any other option...PS- I hate Rodger's Forge hills.

Foot Mileage 3/10/09: 5 total + Lifting

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