Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asian Horror & Shepard's Pie

My evening last night consisted of a bizarre fusion of experimental Shepard's Pie and provocative yet unnerving Asian thrillers.

I am not an expert on Asian cinema nor am I even well versed in the horror/thriller genre but I can say I enjoyed what I watched; well at least the 'parts' I watched. I was able to distract myself from the gore by cooking! My bf had recently been at a friends who gave him a laundry list of recommended films. By the time I got home, he was already well into an installment of Masters of Horror called Imprint, directed by Takashi Miike.

The colors were vivid, the content both sexual and grotesque. I couldn't tell you much about the narrative because as I said, I was busy cooking...but from what I gathered, it was pretty disturbing.

We then moved on to 3...Extremes, a trilogy of hour long short films by three different directors; Takashi being one of them. The first- Dumplings directed by Fruit Chan, addressed a washed up TV actress' desire to stay young; by means of specially prepared dumplings. Let's just say these dumplings weren't composed of veggies.

While I'm on the topic of are some glamor shots of the Shepards Pie/Pot Pie concoction I made last night.

Vegetable medley filling with chicken pieces covered with a fairly thick coating of mashed red potatoes. It was a bit bland, something was missing...oh I know- BUTTER.

I look forward to finishing 3...Extremes and the rest of the Shepards Pie tonight :)

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alfa foxtrot said...

that looks so good please tell me how to make it!!