Thursday, February 26, 2009

If You Have a Snuggie in Baltimore...

Then you have a date with destiny this Saturday. Featured on Midnight Sun's Blog, Snuggies will be the main attraction in a SoBo Bar Crawl. HA! Come out donning your sensual snuggie and enjoy booze discounts across Fed Hill. I only hope there are lots of pictures. 

Bars that will be hit by the Snuggie Bregade:

1. Captain Larry s - $2 Yeungling & Miller Lite Drafts
2. Rafters - $2 Yeungling & Bud Lite Drafts
3. Hogans Alley
4. Idle Hour
5. Don't Know - $2 Miller Lite bottles & drafts & free lite buffet
6. Southside
7. Little Havana's
8. The Tavern on Key Hwy
9. Sly Fox
10. Lime
11. Paul's
12. End at Captain Larry's ...

facebook invite here
pic found on Captain Larry's facebook invite


RM said...

That's pretty funny. Although I don't (and will never) have one, we've been on the snuggie bandwagon here at the house since November. It started with the infomercials, then with, and then I heard about this today from a few sources.

I guess I'm kind of jealous, because it is a funny idea and I wish I'd come up with it, or snuggies, for that matter. A blanket with armholes, and nobody is buying them because they keep them warm; it's all in the cult following!

Of course, our bar crawl idea (hubs of fury) is way sweeter and more underground.

Rebs said...

you are correct. hubs of fury is way more subversive and quite clever. I am sick with pneumonia; never running the 10 miler again! Waaah.