Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quelle Surprise!

2 hour delay again! This time I was not clever enough to check the web prior to my commute. Didn't figure it out until already en route! Ended up spending 2 hours vegging out on a couch at the Evergreen; shoes off :)

Way too much coffee was consumed! I am highly caffeinated! Read some quasi-interesting articles in the Post Food Section, esp. a feature on Crepes a-Go-Go in Gburg and Dupont (authentic french crepes; over 30 options!) AND a very compelling feature in the CityPaper about Globe Poster Company, an old poster business/letter press in Highlandtown. This place has been around for 80 years... they still have all the original letter blocks and materials unique to old style printing press. I myself have never seen this type of process used, obvi this isn't the method of printing currently in place as the majority of their print work is done digitally. I am uber impressed that Globe Poster Company has been able to evolve alongside the progressions of print production but still hold onto their past. The materials and knowledge they have on hand with regards to this medium could inspire and teach so many graphic designers who would never see this type of process at work. It's nostalgic but also informative and has the potential to really teach the ART of these processes...

Honestly though- most people don't have patience anymore and would rather draft something quick and dirty on a computer...lazy.

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