Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Come Back JFX Farmer's Market!

These aren't actually pictures from the Baltimore Farmer's Market under the JFX. These are actually from a Saturday Farmer's Market in Eugene, Oregon but you get the idea. With the weather near 70 today it was hard to remember we are still stuck in February. I still have 3 months to wait until my beloved Sunday Farmer's Market returns...May 3rd; see you guys there!

Ugh- I am craving the falafel!!! Best post-run meal of all time. Once you enter the market, head towards your right and they are next to the meat lady.


Ben said...

kendra and I are big fans of a Zeke's coffee and the little donuts. We get the crepes everyonce in awhile. We usually get a bunch of other stuff too - we've even got a burlap bag (aren't we green!) for all the stuff we get.

Rebs said...

I saw those bags at the Zeke's stand. They were only a dollar...shoulda got one.

I can't stand waiting in that line anymore, by the time we get there in the AM, the line is already snaking around to the crepe area. But there coffee is the best around. agreed :)

Essay Are A said...

Farmers markets ROOL!