Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Towson W & Post-Meet BBQ

After the track meet this past weekend at UDel, we stopped for a quick bite at the local Wawa in Elkton, MD. I had made my own lunch but wish I had splurged on the decadent BBQ available across the way at Durham's BBQ. Holy bejesus, look at the ribs. Fellow coach, Roger picked up a pulled brisket sandwich with sauteed onions filled to the gills; elbow licking good. They serve an affordable selection of lunch specials with quite a selection of typical southern sides from 11-3. I will surely make this an essential pit stop after all subsequent track meets. 

PS- Towson did a GREAT job at the Colonial Invitational hosted at UDel. Almost every athlete scored at least one point in their respective event and/or had an indoor personal record and it added up to just enough to pull off the W over UDel! I couldn't have been any happier. Some highlights include a 5.38 indoor long jump breakthrough and sub 9.0 60HH race by our one and only senior, not to mention three scorers in the 60HH...AND a qualifying mark in the weight throw by one of our freshman! Stupendous I tell you! Results can be found here :)


RM said...

I was excited to see this recognizable photograph, and thought it was funny you walked all the way over and didn't get anything from there!

I personally have never tried it, mostly because we stop at the things in Newark like Deer Park Tavern, Peace-A-Pizza, etc.

I didn't realize you were at the meet - you would have seen my little sister.

Rebs said...

course I was at the meet! I have eaten there before so I can vouch for the awesomeness. I just felt inclined to bring lunch with me this time because i had so much fresh produce at home that I didnt want to go to waste. How did your sis do? What did she run?

Claire said...

I was also excited to see this photograph as it reminded me of the summer I lived less than a mile from there. Turning onto that road meant I was "home". I even briefly consider giving up being a vegetarian for a few hours to try their food as everyone said it was great and it did always smell good. Lucky for me they were never open when I was drunk otherwise it may have actually happened.