Monday, February 09, 2009

Lazy Sunday

So-yesterday was my favorite day of the year thus far. It was GORGEOUS. Of course I chose to take advantage of it not by going for a long run, but literally relaxing which is seldom done in the House of Rebs. Please observe my pictured lunch. I was super stoked by the hot bar at Whole Foods; ribs, neat mexican style chicken breast, tex mex tofu, sauteed veggies, cauliflower, and mac n cheese. I opted for veggie fare and some black bean salad from the salad bar. Seriously, I dream of winning an unlimited meal plan from the salad bar/hot bar at Whole Foods. They should offer some sort of option?

After lunch we treated ourselves to several petits fours from the bakery department...they really do some innovative and yummy stuff at Whole Foods. I'm sure I was still hungry following but I tried to distract myself.

The harbor was lovely, aside from the trifling appearance of the water as usual...

In tandem with our Harbor East excursion, we stopped in for a cup of coffee at Bluehouse. I am repulsed by the price tags but in awe of the design and product selection. I can only dream of furnishing my home with these types of beautiful things...

Place Setting by Josh Jakus made of recycled rubber with a built-in napkin grabber.

Check out the $3,200 love seat! PS- that's the sale price!

Lovely display of glassware collection, etc...

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